How to Buy Dome Tents

by Mark Bradley

Tents are great for camping, but sometimes you want something more. A dome tent is a great alternative to the usual rectangular shape. You can find many styles of dome tents, but they all share the same basic construction techniques. Here’s how to buy dome tents and get the most out of your purchase.

Dome Tent Construction

The most common materials used for dome tents are nylon and polyester, although there are also some vinyl models available. Most have a waterproof coating that keeps water from seeping through the seams, but you’ll need to make sure that your tent has adequate ventilation so condensation doesn’t build up inside the tent when it rains. The poles should be made from aluminium alloy because it’s lightweight yet strong enough to support the weight of any rainstorms you might encounter on your trip. The poles should be attached directly to the top of the tent with grommets or hooks so that they can’t pull away from the fabric in strong winds or heavy snowfall conditions.

What Are Your Preferable Sizes?

Dome tents come in different sizes ranging from two-person models up to 10-person models (and even larger). The size will depend on how many people need shelter as well as how much gear you want to bring along with you on your trip. You’ll also want to consider how much space you want for storing items inside the tent as well as how much room is needed for walking around inside once everything is set up properly (this will vary depending on the design of each individual model).

Do You Need a Vestibule?

Vestibules are an optional feature that can be added onto many dome tents. They are basically covered entrances that allow you to store gear outside of your tent without having it exposed to the elements. They also give you extra privacy if you don’t want your campsite neighbours seeing into your tent.

Are you Looking for Multiple Rooms?

Some dome tents have multiple rooms which allows you to divide up space within one tent using zippers or dividers. This can be helpful if you have kids who want their own space or if you want privacy from your spouse! However, it does mean that there will be more weight in your pack so consider whether this is worth it before purchasing a multi-roomed dome tent.

How Durable are the Tent Poles?

The first thing you should think about when buying a tent is how durable it is going to be. You want to be sure that the poles are strong enough to hold up in any conditions and that they won’t break easily. If you are going on an adventure, then it’s important to make sure that the tent poles can handle all kinds of weather conditions.

In What Conditions Are You Setting Up the tent?

Another important thing to consider when buying a dome tent is where you plan on setting it up. If you want to use it in rainy conditions or during winter, then make sure that it’s waterproof. The material of the tent should also be able to withstand extreme temperatures without cracking or melting away like plastic would do in these conditions.

What Do You Need the Tent for?

Before you start shopping, it’s important to consider what kind of camping you will be doing with your new tent. If you’re looking for a portable shelter that will be used on an occasional hike or weekend camping trip, then any decent dome tent should do the job just fine. However, if you plan on using it for long-term camping or backpacking trips, make sure it is built with high-quality materials that will last through many seasons of use.


Dome tents are quite lovely indeed, and they stand out among the many types of tents that are available to consumers. But for a lot of people it is somewhat confusing when looking at all of the different dome tent models that are out there. Some dome tents have steeper walls than others for example, and some even have multiple domes. These things can make it hard to know what you should be looking for in a tent. This guide will help you sort through all of this, and help you figure out exactly what Dome Tents to look for.

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