How to Navigate the Huawei Distribution kit

by Mark Bradley

Huawei distribution platform is an essential part of the Huawei Mobile Services (HMS), which fortunately as just singular components of the Huawei Developer platform. The Huawei distribution kit has been fine-tuned to a near-perfect state over time. The distribution services have been created in such a way that serves as a seemingly straight highway.

This digital highway is a steady link between the global community of app developers and the increasingly massive number of Huawei product users. This distribution channel is linked to monetization and by extension, the Huawei wallet SDK. As a developer, is there a particular reason you have not yet sought access to this distribution highway?

Well, if there is it could probably be because you do not fully grasp the concept. So for this article, we will be focusing on what the Huawei distribution channel entails? The advantages of using the Huawei distribution platform? As well as what the channel means for you as an app developer?

The concept of the Huawei Distribution Kit

The distribution services are readily available on the Huawei developer platform. This developer platform is at the very heart of Huawei Mobile Services (HMS). The platform is a way to ensure that developers remain in touch to assist each other. But also it serves to ensure that developers have all the tools and services needed in developing a successful app.

Now a successful app is one which has gone through some essential app development phases. One of the provisions made by Huawei is the Huawei distribution kit. yes, the role of the kit is right there in the title. The kit aids in facilitating app distribution. This is an essential phase in the development of an app. Huawei has made it possible for distribution to be fast and effective. More than that, in due time distribution, would most likely lead to monetization.

Theory Behind the Huawei Distribution Kit

The entire distribution kit could be controlled from a single Huawei distribution platform. There are several such distribution platforms made available by Huawei. For this article, we will be referencing the most popular Huawei distribution platform. The platform is known as AppGallery Connect.

Initially, we mentioned that there are various stages in app development and distribution. For those who are not aware, we will list out these stages. The stages are:

  1. The innovation phase
  2. Thedevelopment phase
  3. Thedistribution phase.
  4. Theoperation phase.
  5. Theanalysis phase.

All of these phases are interlinked and essential in facilitating distribution one way or the other.

The Huawei distribution kit is in place to make sure that you save some time when you get to the distribution phase of your app` growth. App distribution needs to be done one way or the other. Why not opt for a less stressful way? Huawei distribution kit ensures that your app gets to all Huawei users regardless of the device they use. This is done proactively to ensure that your project does not stall at the distribution phase.


It is quite interesting, isn`t it? The system has been proven to be effective. So go ahead and register. You can try the Huawei distribution kit knowing that it has also been tried, tested and verified by the global community of developers.

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