How the Site Kit Is the Icing on the Cake for the HMS Core

by Mark Bradley

Since the ban by Google on Huawei smartphones, the mobile providers have gone from strength to strength. The HMS core which has been rejuvenated has been key to their development. The HMS core is a framework that helps app developers provide the best experiences to their users through their app. Standing out from the HMS core is the site kit.

Make no mistake. There are so many things worthy of checking out in the HMS core. From the audio to the wallet kit, the options are endless. However, the site kit is especially important.

In this article, we’re going to be looking at why it is important and how app developers can utilize its functions. First, let’s see if we can talk a bit about the site kit

What Is The Huawei Site Kit?

The site kit gives app developers access to locations all over the world. That’s not all. These locations all come with ratings and extra information which will no doubt be valuable to the users.

Why the Site Kit Is the Shining Light

It Is Crucial To Location-Based Apps

With the way the world is set up, most apps now use location to decide what services to show their users. Without understanding where your user is located, this might be impossible.

The site kit allows you to pinpoint where your users are. This allows you to show them services they might be interested in or lead them to the right location. The ultimate aim of an app developer is to satisfy the desires of users. That’s what the Huawei’s site kit achieves.

Global Reach Can Make Your App Soar

Just like the wallet kit, the site kit also has the potential to reach millions of people. In fact, it is home to more than 130 million locations around the world. Its diversity is also not up for debate. Users can use the site kit in more than 12 languages.

The site kit is a complete package. With the global reach it commands, it’s only a matter of time until your app starts to soar.

The Site Kit Is a Direct Response to Google

Here’s another reason why the site kit just had to live up to its expectation. It is a direct response to Google. It’s pretty more or less proof that Huawei does not need Google to keep surviving. With the site kit working perfectly and many app developers jumping on board, the need for Google services becomes even smaller.

How can app developers use the Huawei’s site kit?

Are you interested in integrating the Huawei’s site kit into your mobile application? If you are, then you should definitely visit the Huawei’s developer platform. This will allow you to register. Registration will give you access to all the resources you need to build the ultimate app.

Final Thoughts

While Huawei definitely has a lot of improvements to make soon, the site kit is off to a magnificent start.

If you are an app developer, you should consider getting the site kit for your app as soon as you can.

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