Benefits and Drawbacks of a Smartwatch

by Mark Bradley

Wearable technology such as smartwatches and smart glasses has been on the rise lately. Gadget lovers tend to wear the watch for functionality and as a fashion piece as they come in different designs and colors. With the increasing demand, manufacturers are developing more for the market. You can check out compra smartwatches if you want to get yourself one. But, to help you decide whether to get the device or not, we look at the benefits and drawbacks of smartwatches below.

Benefits of a Smartwatch

1. Promote Healthy Living

Smartwatches monitor your heart rate using the ECG feature, which is available in some watches. The number of hours and quality of sleep you get can be tracked using the Gyro and accelerometer features. The number of calories you’ve burned is also tracked, depending on the number of steps you make during an activity or proper nutrition. It helps you keep up with your fitness goals and maintain a routine for a healthy lifestyle.

2. Receiving Notifications

It is easy and quick to get notifications directly from your phone without taking it out. Secondly, you can choose to receive all of them or specific ones depending on your needs. They include emails, messages, calls, calendar alerts, and many others. During meetings or situations where you cant use your smartphone, the watch is very convenient; especially for runners whose type exercising activities do not marry well with mobile phone holding or putting it in the pockets.

3. Receiving Calls

Smartwatches allow you to answer calls from any point. You can easily miss calls in a rush, but the watch alerts you by vibrating on your wrist. Some have speakers that enable you to talk even while driving.

4. Customization

Many smartwatch developers are open to your specific needs while you can customize some looks yourself. You can opt for a playful or professional look, depending on your work or activity. When buying, the size and design can be modeled to fit your style and still operate normally.

5. Finding Missing Devices

Valuable items such as car keys or phones are connected to the watch using trackers. Misplacing car keys would be a great inconvenience because you won’t access your car or move from one point to another. It is now easy to locate the keys through the smartwatch by pressing a specific button.

Drawbacks of a Smartwatch

1. Price

Smartwatches can be very expensive. The affordable ones are good but have limited features. Thus, the high-end ones have more features, but they are not suitable for people on a budget.

2. Limited Battery Life

Very few watches keep their charge for more than two days. Others last for only a few hours and can’t serve you a whole day. Some features tend to use up the charge faster; therefore, there’s no need to have them if you do not use them.

3. Limited Range

Your smartwatch must be within the Bluetooth range to connect to the phone unless there’s cellular connectivity. You have to carry your phone around in your pocket or bag, limiting when you want to participate in swimming activities.


Always weigh the pro and cons before buying a smartwatch. See what works well for you, then choose your preference. Never purchase these smartwatches wothought analysing your needs, reason being, the features installed go hand in hand with the user needs.

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