How to use mini-projectors with your smartphone

by Mark Bradley

Mini-projectors are new inventions of new technology. While the mini-projectors come in small sizes, they are powerful to allow you to get brilliant displays anywhere and anytime. Mini-projectors can be used for several activities, including entertainment, presentations, and business meetings, without any problem.

Selecting the right mini-projectors with the right features, such as image quality and connectivity, allows you to experience no unnecessary interruptions. Whether you need a premium mini-projector or a budget mini projector, you should pay attention to certain features. They include getting an accurate color, an excellent sound system, and usability with small devices such as your smartphone.

Important points to keep note of before connecting your smartphone to your mini-projector

Consider checking that you have everything that you need before connecting your smartphone to your mini projector. Some of the requirements include a Wi-Fi-enabled mini-projector and a smartphone.

Suppose your mini-projector is not Wi-Fi enabled; you may purchase a wireless display dongle to allow the successful connection of your smartphone. For that matter, you may follow the directions below to help you connect your mini-projector and smartphone.

Ensure you can regulate the amount of light in the surrounding for a great display from your mini-projector. Using the projector in an enclosed space or at night could be a good idea to keep up with the limited mini-projector brightness.

Directions for using your mini-projectors with your smartphone

Some mini-projectors do not come with Wi-Fi capability to connect to other devices. In this case, you should consider getting a wireless display dongle. Wireless display dongles allow you to connect your smartphone with your projector, TV, or monitor.

A Wi-Fi receiver with the ability to receive power via any USB port and a wireless display dongle power cord is essential for the dongle’s connectivity. This connectivity depends on the type of wireless display dongle that you would purchase.

The wireless display dongle has various controls that allow you to connect to an HDMI port, a power source, and reset the dongle. When setting up any wireless display dongle to project your smartphone display, you may consider following the steps below:

 Step 1

Plug the wireless display dongle into the HDMI port on your mini-projector. Use the provided power cable to connect the dongle. Similarly, use the provided USB cable to plug into the projector.

Step 2

Position the mini-projector in the desired position before connecting it to the smartphone. Connect the mini-projector to a power source and turn it on. Be sure to regulate the amount of light in your surrounding for easy visibility.

Step 3

The mini-projector would display its dashboard with a Wi-Fi connection and password. Turn on your Wi-Fi smartphone and connect to the projector using the password that is projected on your projector display.

Step 4

Go to the cast settings on your smartphone. Select the casting option when your smartphone is connected to the mini-projector. This name depends on how your mini-projector is named. Your smartphone display is set to display through the projector.

Most importantly, the above steps would change depending on the type of mini-projector and wireless display dongle that you have.

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