How To Connect A Huawei Smartwatch With The Android Phone

by Mark Bradley

A smartwatch consists of a small computer that manages its operating system. The latest advancement in smartwatch technology ensures that the watch goes on being smarter. For example, the watch 3 store smartwatches ensure connectivity between a smartphone and the smartwatch. The connectivity can be through Bluetooth. Connecting a smartwatch to the smartphone has numerous benefits, such as playing music through the smartwatch. The process of connecting a smartwatch and smartphone is quite straightforward. Therefore, this article informs you of the best method to connect a Huawei smartwatch with an android phone.

The best method to connect a Huawei smartwatch with the android phone

The easiest way to connect the Huawei smartwatch and android phone is through Bluetooth. Below are the simple connectivity steps;

1. Turn Bluetooth on

At this first step, you need to go to the Android phone’s settings. In the settings, search for Bluetooth and click on it. Next, you need to turn Bluetooth on by sliding the toggle.

2. Ensure the phone is discoverable

Once you turn the Bluetooth on, it would help ensure that other devices can discover the phone. Therefore, ensure to switch on the discoverable mode. To turn the discoverable mode on, ensure to check the discoverable mode box in the Bluetooth section. 

3. Ensure smartwatch is on

Once the smartphone’s Bluetooth and visibility are on, ensure that the smartwatch is also on. Therefore, it would be best if you searched for the power button. On the power button, press it till it lights up. Once the smartwatch is on, a pairing display will appear on the screen with a watch and phone icon. 

4. Pair android phone with smartwatch

At this step, you can pair your phone and smartwatch through the following process;

  • Go to the Bluetooth screen of your phone and ensure it is still on.
  • Then, go to scan or search devices at the screen’s bottom. Once you get there, you will notice a list of Bluetooth devices that are around you. Ensure to select the smartwatch. 
  • A code will appear on display. At this step, you need to ensure that both the codes in the smartwatch and phone match. If the codes match then, click on pair on your Android phone, the two devices will automatically connect and be ready for use.

Tips for first-time connection

  • Make sure both devices are at a close range for successful connection.
  • To utilize the smartwatch effectively, ensure to get third-party apps such as smart connect.
  • When downloading apps such as Huawei health, you can opt to scan the smartwatch’s QR code.
  • If there is no response after the first attempt at pairing, click on the down button to unlock the smartwatch and retry the pairing process.
  • If there is an error in the connection, the watch will indicate “failed.”
  • Pairing can only be done to one phone and watch. If you wish to pair to another device, you must delete the connection and establish a new connection with the new phone or watch.


The process of pairing a smartwatch and an Android phone is pretty straightforward. Therefore, anyone can do it as long as all the steps are followed to the letter. Furthermore, ensuring features such as the proximity of both devices can ensure successful connections.

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