Huawei’s Product Information Configuration

by Mark Bradley

As developers, one way to earn more income from developed apps is by adding in-app purchases in it. Whether it is a game, movie or videos and other apps, it pays to have IAP integrated to it to maximize more earnings from the app.

That’s the reason why it takes proper planning, dedication and commitment when developing apps. It’s not just for one time launch but it has to be something sustainable that will keep the users hooked and use it for a long time. If the app is too boring and less beneficial to its users, they tend to uninstall it in no time to free some space for other apps.

Especially in this generation, the time we are in is getting competitive and being on top is a real challenge. There’s so many fresh ideas out there and as a developer, it’s a necessity to be as authentic and unique from other competitors. It’s a good thing that Huawei helps these talented developers to stay afloat and keep producing timely and interactive apps for their users. They’re not only helping the developers but the users as well.

As part of concocting a successful app, the developer has to know the ins and outs of organizing its IAP and not only integrating those with it. It has to go through certain steps by configuring its product information. The reason for this is to keep the app transparent to Huawei and its users by specifying what it offers to the market.

Configuring Product Information

In general, Huawei users were allotted with at least 10 consumable gems that they can spend for products and services. They can use it for one time purchases or consumables that they can purchase again when they like to. Also, they can use it for one time purchases that do not have any expiration date like service memberships and such.

To configure the app’s product information, all you need is to sign up in the AppGallery Connect and check the list of My Apps. You will then see all of the apps you’ve created and you may click one of them that you need to add a product. Once you have selected an app, just click the Operate option button and go to Product Operation.

Then manage your products through Product Management where you can add specific products that can be used through IAP. This is where developers get creative with add-ons like for example for a game, they can add extra lives, weapons, treats and whatnot that can keep the users from having to sustain and enjoy the game. Save the products that you want to add and just click OK to validate the product. It will be automatically available in the app and the users can see the new updates as soon as it goes live.

Just take note to be a responsible developer and apply in-app purchases that relate to the app. Do not provide unnecessary add-ons that can harm your apps since Huawei regulates this to keep reliability and accountability to its users.

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